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Icy Cools Heat Bandana


Icy Cools Heat Bandana

Product description

Our famous reusable Ice Bandana keeps you cool while looking cool. Perfect for hiking, hunting, fishing, and labor jobs.
Unlike competitive products, our insulated bandanas actually cool you off, look stylish, and DO NOT need evaporation cooling.

Simply freeze and use. NO DRIPPING MESS!

Icy Cools Heat Bandana

SPI Supplies Statement on COVID-19 Pandemic

Excellence and innovation. SPI Supplies is the world’s leading supplier, manufacturer, and distributor of sample preparation equipment and consumables for the operation of EM, LM, and SPM labs.


SPI Supplies will be closed on Thursday, November 25th, and Friday, November 26th for Thanksgiving Day.  You can still place orders online using our shopping cart. We will reopen on Monday, November 30th.

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SPI Supplies is a proud distributor of NuNano AFM probes. NuNano specializes in the design and manufacture of probes for atomic force microscopy and cantilever-based sensor devices. Offering high quality silicon AFM probes manufactured to the tightest dimensional tolerances available in the market, offering minimal variation in spring constant and resonant frequency.

SPI Supplies is proud to offer Kammrath and Weiss modules to our North American customers. Module selections include the tensile module (compression as option) for the SEM. This module can test up to 10kN and offers a number of options for your specific sample needs.

We also offer the Transfer Module for the purpose of carrying delicate and sensitive specimens in a capsule from the SEM into a glove box or vice versa, while protecting specimens from air or moisture at all times.

These device will mount on the specimen stage just like a microscope sample. It takes just a few moments to install it in the SEM.