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Dr / Daisuke Yoshida itsue/Daisuke YoshidaTwitter Vo / Mizuki itsue/MizukiTwitter Ba / Yoshiya Baba itsue/Yoshiya BabaTwitter Gt / Yohichiro Kuji itsue/Yohichiro KujiTwitter

"I meet you. I tell all which I can't hide to you. It's not someday, it's tonight, absolutely." by ITSUE

【Band Introduction】
Mizuki's transparent voice and overflows of electric sounds by three males.
Dramatic and dark, beautiful, soft, solitary, strong, agitato...all are mixed together in our music.
Welcome to the 'ITSUE' world that only four of us can make.

【Band Profile】
Baba (Ba.) and Yoshida (Dr.) performed in another band and met Mizuki (Vo.) by chance on their live tour in 2008.
They felt fabulously interested in Mizuki's voice.
Baba, Yoshida and Mizuki started to make a band, songs, melodies and lyrics.
Kuji (Gt.), who was one of their support guitarist, joined.
Then, four of us formed 'ITSUE' in September 2010.

Sep: Formed ITSUE.
Nov 1: Released 1st demo 'When That Little Bird Cry'.

May 5: Released 2nd demo 'All Are Lies.'.
'ITSUE Presents ''All Are Lies'' Release Party - The First Day Of The Secret -' (@Shimokitazawa MOSAiC) was held.
Jun 7: Came in 14 among 257 artists and groups short listed in 'RO69 JACK 2011', web contest hosted by rockin'on Inc..
Oct 16: Participated in 'MINAMI WHEEL 2011', one of the biggest live showcase festival in Japan, hosted by FM802. In this event, 300 artists and groups performed their lives in various live house music in Minami area, Osaka for three days.That was ITSUE's first live in Kansai, west part of Japan. Nevertheless it ended live on a high note.
Nov: Started an independent record label 'Dramatic db'.

Mar 3: Started our first nationwide concert tour in 13 places in Japan, which is 'ITSUE presents ''Many Pictures'' Release Tour - The Second Picture -'.
Mar 7: Released 1st mini album 'Many Pictures'.
May 11: 'ITSUE presents ''Many Pictures'' Release Tour Final -The Second Picture-' (@Shimokitazawa SHELTER) was held. w/room12/wooderd chiarie
Jun 3: Apperared in 'LACHIC presents SAKAE SP-RING 2012'(@MAGIC THETER).
Jun 6: Released 'JACKMAN RECORDS COMPILATION ALBUM vol.5 RO69JACK 2011' (participated in the new recoding 'SETORA').
Aug 22: 'ITSUE × Shinjuku LOFT joint live ''Keep The Hertz -Prequel-''' was held. w/tricot/arukankaku/THE NAMPA BOYS
Sep 17: 'ITSUE × Shibuya O-Crest joint live ''Keep The Hertz -Sequel-''' was held. w/soredemosekaigatsudukunara/ircle/THE UNIQUE STAR
Oct 14: Apperared in 'MINAMI WHEEL 2012'(@CLAPPER).
Nov 25: Apperared in 'TOWER RECORDS Live Liveful SHIBUYA 5DAYS! TOWERECOMEN SHIBUYA'(@Shibuya eggman). w/indigo la End/tricot
Dec 2: 'ITUSE presents "Tender Four Seasons" Release Paty - The Third Season - ' was held(@Shimokitazawa SHELTER). w/arukankaku
Dec 5: Released 1st single 'Tender Four Seasons'.
Dec 17: To 'December's Calling' appeared as the opening act(@CLUB CITTA' Kawasaki). w/TK from Ling toshite sigure/ART-SCHOOL/THE NOVEMBERS/yukihiro(L'Arc~en~Ciel)

Jan 13: Started concert tour in 14 places in Japan, which is 'ITSUE presents "Tender Four Seasons" Release Tour - The Third Season - '(@Chiba LOOK).
Mar 31: 'ITSUE presents "Tender Four Seasons" Release Tour Final - The Third Season - ' They have finished the first one-man LIVE, it's sold out.
Apr 21: Appeared in 'WITHfes2013'(@Shinjuku LOFT).
Apr 28: Appeared in 'Dialogue Festival 2013'(@Shinsaibashi Pangea).
May 5: Appeared in 'HANGEKI FESTIVAL 2013'(@Shimokitazawa MOSAiC).
June 8: Appeared in 'LACHIC presents SAKAE SP-RING 2013'(@Sakae R.A.D).
June 21: 'ITSUE presents "Keep The Hertz -rama-"' was held(@Shibuya WWW). w/asobius/THE NAMPA BOYS/kinokoteikoku
June 22: Appeared in 'YATSUI FESTIVAL! 2013'(@Shibuya O-Crest).
June 23: Appeared in 'TOKYO BOOTLEG CIRCUIT 2013'(@Shibuya Milkyway).
July 6: Appeared in 'MIHOUDAI 2013'(@Osaka Hillspankojyo).
July 24: Apperared in'MURO FESTIVAL 2013 ~after party~'(@Shibuya O-Crest).
Aug 10: Apperared in'TREASURE05X'(@Nagoya ell. SIZE).
Oct 13: Apperared in 'MINAMI WHEEL 2013'(@Shinsaibashi FANJ), it's admission regulations for the first time.
Nov. 29: Apperared in 'BUTA FES. 2013'(@Kobe 108).
Dec 18:Held the one-man LIVE "ITSUE presents 'Four-Color Theorem'"(Shimokitazawa SHELTER) for the second time. It's SOLD OUT! And they distributed free limited CD "3rd demo 'to all morning'" to all visitors of this live.
Dec 20:Began the distribution & the free DL on SoundCloud, new song is the demo version of "Goodbye, maboroshi".

Feb 10: Apperared in 'STEP in FUKUSHIMA 2014 plus'(@club SONIC iwaki).
w/BSB(menber:Seiji Kimura[ZEPPET STORE]/Daisuke[Aqua Timez]/OKP-STAR[Aqua Timez]/DJ Roo a.k.a Oshida)/Takeshi Hosomi(the HIATUS)/Atsushi Horie(STRAIGHTENER,ent)/tatetakako
Mar 21:Apperared in 'OTOEMON FESTA 2014'(@OSAKA LIVE SQUARE 2nd LINE).
Apr 5: Apperared in 'ETERNAL ROCK CITY. 2014'(@Shinjuku Marble), it was the admission regulations.
May 9: Apperared in 'RB NATION 2014'(@Umeda Shangli-La).
June 7: Apperared in 'SAKAE SP-RING 2014'(@Nagoya ・HIGASHISAKURA STUDIO),it was the admission regulations.
June 21: Apperared in 'YATSUI FESTIVAL 2014'(@TSUTAYA O-Crest).
July 12:Apperared in 'TOKYO BOOTLEG CIRCUIT '14'(@Shibuya CHELSEA HOTEL).
Aug 16:Apperared in 'TREASURE05X ~summer triangle~'(@Nagoya ell SIZE).
Sep 30:'ITSUE presents "Keep The Hertz -ark-"' was held(@TSUTAYA O-WEST). w/asobius/la la larks
Dec 26:'ITSUE presents "1/f"' was held, the first one-man LIVE in OSAKA(@Aneno ROCKTOWN).

Jan 21:Released the first time in 2 years, the 2nd Mini Album "Tonight, Absolutely". And the same day, started 'ITSUE Presents "Tonight, Absolutely" Release Tour ~Quintet with you~' @Shin Daita FEVER (20 places in Japan).
Apr 19:The one-man live, 'ITSUE Presents "Tonight, Absolutely" Release Tour Final~Quintet with you~' was held(@Shinjuku LOFT).
May 15:Announced that will stop activity in Shin Daita Fever in October 25.
Oct 24:'ITSUE presents "Keep The Hertz -extra-"' was held(@Shin Daita FEVER, SOLD OUT). w/soredemosekaigatsudukunara/Qaijff/asobius
Oct 25:'ITSUE presents "Keep The Hertz -ful-"' was held(@Shin Daita FEVER, SOLD OUT). Became stopping the band activity from this LIVE.

May 5:Released "Summer Day", "The scene of a morning" (from 2nd demo "All are lies" released on May 5th, 2011) and 7 LIVE tracks (from "Keep The Hertz -ful-" on Oct 25th, 2015) on Soundcloud.