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Sportides Men's Short Sleeve Dry Fit Sport Polo Tee Shirts T-Shi


Sportides Men's Short Sleeve Dry Fit Sport Polo Tee Shirts T-Shi

Product description

Men's Golf Tennis Bowling Sport Polo Tee Shirt Short Sleeve Tshirt T-Shirt Dry Fit
Please Check Our Sizes Chart in Tee Image or Product Description Before Purchasing.(NOT Amazon size Chart)
Please allow 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement.

Men's Size:
Men US S, Men US M, Men US L, Men US XL,Men US XXL

Men US S = Asian Label M (165-170cm 60kg-65kg) (5'5"-5'7" 132-143lbs)
Men US M = Asian Label L (170-175cm 65kg-70kg) (5'7"-5'9" 144-155lbs)
Men US L = Asian Label XL (175-180cm 70kg-75kg) (5'9"-5'11" 155-165lbs)
Men US XL = Asian Label XXL (180-185cm 75kg-80kg) (5'11"-6'1" 165-176lbs)
Men US XXL = Asian Label XXXL (185-190cm 80kg-85kg) (6'1"-6'3" 176-185lbs)

Men US S____38.5inch____27.9inch____16.9inch____8.3inch
Men US M____40.1inch____29.1inch____18.1inch____8.6inch
Men US L____42.4inch____29.5inch____18.9inch____9.0inch
Men US XL___44.8inch____29.9inch____20.0inch____9.4inch
Men US XXL__52.0inch____29.9inch____20.9inch____9.4inch

If your have any question please feel free to contatc us directly. Thanks.

Sportides Men's Short Sleeve Dry Fit Sport Polo Tee Shirts T-Shi

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