CARSA 2 Pcs Bling Car 4 years warranty Headrest Organize Hangers Hooks Seat,2,Hangers,Bling,/aliipoe774519.html,Hooks,Organize,Headrest,Seat,Automotive , Interior Accessories,CARSA,Car,Pcs,$5,Bling CARSA 2 Pcs Bling Car 4 years warranty Headrest Organize Hangers Hooks Seat $5 CARSA 2 Pcs Bling Bling Car Hooks Seat Headrest Hangers Organize Automotive Interior Accessories,2,Hangers,Bling,/aliipoe774519.html,Hooks,Organize,Headrest,Seat,Automotive , Interior Accessories,CARSA,Car,Pcs,$5,Bling $5 CARSA 2 Pcs Bling Bling Car Hooks Seat Headrest Hangers Organize Automotive Interior Accessories

CARSA 2 Pcs free Bling Car 4 years warranty Headrest Organize Hangers Hooks Seat

CARSA 2 Pcs Bling Bling Car Hooks Seat Headrest Hangers Organize


CARSA 2 Pcs Bling Bling Car Hooks Seat Headrest Hangers Organize

Product description

Color:S multicolor diamond

Material: Nylon rope+Durable Steel+Luster Crystals
2.Load-bearing:22 lb
Packing Includes:
2 x Car Hooks
☞.No special tools for installation ,quickly and easily install the holder on the headrest of any car.
☞.This car back seat holder also can be used as a perfect companion for family during long car journeys.
☞. Our headrest hooks aim to keep your items securely in place. Just imagine, no liquids falling over and spill all over the floor when you take a too quick turn or stop too abruptly. Your car won’t look messy anymore. Not only does it look more organized, but it also saves you a great deal of cleaning work. Just free yourself from unnecessary and annoying work.
☞.It only takes you a few seconds to install or remove the hooks from the headrest. The flexible straps are designed that they hang smoothly along any kind of headrest. The hocks can also be used to hang your bags easily on the front of your car seat and in case you have a front passenger you can simply swing the hooks back.
☞.The hooks are made of high-quality material which is strong enough to carry heavy weights. Compared to simple hooks made of plastic, our nylon ones are more sturdy and durable and will live longer. We guarantee you the most durable quality for your money!
☞.Our car hanger fits almost every Car, SUV, Van, Truck seat headrest., Organizer hanger for handbag, backpack, shopping grocery bags, trash bag, purse, wallet, hats, coats, schoolbag and more., Also can be used in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, wardrobe., Save much more room for you!
☞.Car hanger is made of high quality material, durable and environmentally friendly. Also,this car hangers can hold 22 lb max, with no risk of cracking and will keep your bag on the hook safely.

CARSA 2 Pcs Bling Bling Car Hooks Seat Headrest Hangers Organize

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