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105 x Biodegradable Clear Confetti Excellent Toss Max 71% OFF Bags + Stickers Throw Me

105 x Biodegradable Clear Confetti Toss Bags + Throw Me Stickers


105 x Biodegradable Clear Confetti Toss Bags + Throw Me Stickers

Product description

Size:105 x Stickers + Clear Bags

The XOQW1 range is a complete, eco-friendly, DIY, plastic free, wedding range by XOandQuin. It includes a range of eco conscious DIY wedding accessories. All products are designed, manufactured and packaged by hand in a small studio in East London, England. All products are shipped in 100% recyclable and/or biodegradable or compostable packaging.


This product can be composted in a home or industrial composting system. Home composting system is recommended and it will degrade within approx 45 days in an industrial composting system. Please check with local councils as they may be able to take them in garden or food waste. If disposed of in a regular bin they will degrade in landfill. Please do not add to recycling.

Shelf life on this item is up to (and over) a year, just keep dry and cool and out of direct sunlight!

Manufactured in the UK from a food grade material.

105 x Biodegradable Clear Confetti Toss Bags + Throw Me Stickers

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