Flange Button Socket Head Cap Screw 2021 model 10-32 Long Thread 8" UNF 5 Flange Button Socket Head Cap Screw 2021 model 10-32 Long Thread 8" UNF 5 /febrific617108.html,$12,Long,Socket,UNF,Button,itsue.jp,Cap,Head,Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,Flange,5/8",10-32,Thread,,Screw, $12 Flange Button Socket Head Cap Screw, 10-32 UNF Thread, 5/8" Long Industrial Scientific Fasteners /febrific617108.html,$12,Long,Socket,UNF,Button,itsue.jp,Cap,Head,Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,Flange,5/8",10-32,Thread,,Screw, $12 Flange Button Socket Head Cap Screw, 10-32 UNF Thread, 5/8" Long Industrial Scientific Fasteners

Flange Button Socket Head Oklahoma City Mall Cap Screw 2021 model 10-32 Long Thread 8

Flange Button Socket Head Cap Screw, 10-32 UNF Thread, 5/8" Long


Flange Button Socket Head Cap Screw, 10-32 UNF Thread, 5/8" Long

Product description

Unbrako flange button socket head cap screws allow the covering of large diameter holes, and are ideal to fix strips, cover plates and sheet metal. The radius on the flange button head presents a streamlined profile, virtually eliminating the sharp edges which could occur with a bolt and washer assembly. As the large under head surface pressure by Area is low, They can also be used with softer materials without harm or damage.

Flange Button Socket Head Cap Screw, 10-32 UNF Thread, 5/8" Long

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