$3 Digital Mini LED Display Voltmeter,DC 6-100V LED Voltmeter Signa Tools Home Improvement Electrical Digital Mini LED Free shipping on posting reviews Display 6-100V Signa Voltmeter DC $3 Digital Mini LED Display Voltmeter,DC 6-100V LED Voltmeter Signa Tools Home Improvement Electrical 6-100V,$3,Mini,Display,Voltmeter,DC,/febrific617708.html,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,Digital,Voltmeter,Signa,LED,itsue.jp,LED Digital Mini LED Free shipping on posting reviews Display 6-100V Signa Voltmeter DC 6-100V,$3,Mini,Display,Voltmeter,DC,/febrific617708.html,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,Digital,Voltmeter,Signa,LED,itsue.jp,LED

Digital Mini LED Free shipping on Dallas Mall posting reviews Display 6-100V Signa Voltmeter DC

Digital Mini LED Display Voltmeter,DC 6-100V LED Voltmeter Signa


Digital Mini LED Display Voltmeter,DC 6-100V LED Voltmeter Signa

Product description

Adopting high quality material, sturdy and durable in use. Compact size, exquisite workmanship, long service life. Digital display for easy and clear reading. LED Display meter has wide measurement range of 6-100V. High accuracy, and stable working performance.


Material: Plastic
Weight: Approx. 20g/0.7oz
Measurement Range: 6-100V
Input Voltage: 6-100V
Output Voltage: 0V
Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 50℃
Voltage measurement error: +/- 2%
Color: Blue, Red, White, Green, Yellow (Optional)
Size: 50*30*30mm/2*1.2*1.2inch

Package List:
1 * Digital Voltage Indicator

Digital Mini LED Display Voltmeter,DC 6-100V LED Voltmeter Signa

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